Things done in the last week. Killed a spider…

Things done in the last week.

Killed a spider (and felt bad about it, but it wasn’t a friendly looking huntsman, which I’m used to now, but a more pointy looking large arachnid.)

Redone my Will (Left everything to the cat’s, not really, but it’s weird thinking about what I have, and what I would want to give people if I no longer needed them, plus what to do with all the images I have, something for photographers to think about…)

A heap of AIPP work.

A Wedding

An exhibition opening

A birthday dinner (thanks mum!)

Car Service, I’m afraid the only service it really needs now is it’s own funeral.

A weekend at home, still had work, but I was in my real bed and able to watch the Simpson’s on the weekend mornings.

Things I’ve had thrust upon me last week.

An absolute stack of bills.

Next week….

How to pay the bills with out selling the cat.