Tim and Jayne | Surprise Wedding Photography Launceston, Josef Chromy

The usual way with weddings is that the couple book their wedding photographer and about a year or more later they all get together at the wedding. Not the case with Tim and Jayne, their story is more like get engaged, arrange engagement party, book photographer to shoot their wedding at the engagement party then a month and a half later have the engagement party that turns into the wedding. It was a surprise for the guests, but it seems that half the guests did expect that somthing was up. Somthing had acually been up most of the day as we got together with the birdal party earlier in the day to take some photos of the boys getting ready at home, the girls getting ready at Hotel Charles, and then everyone at Josef Chromy Vineyard and our Relbia way, well out of the way of prying eyes!

There was a slight incident where Tim and Jayne’s dog Eso decided the ring box would be a good chew toy , while the rings were still inside! Tim saved them and Eso redeemed himself to be the ring bearer during the ceremony. Gotta love dogs.

Congratulations again Tim and Jayne!