“So take the photographs and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time”

It’s supposed to be the time of their lives for Grade 6’s and 12’s… but instead they have had a REALLY raw deal this year. All the expectations and fun of their last year of school has been cancelled one event at a time. 

All the parents I’ve spoken to have mentioned they want to do something special for their kids. Something to mark the end of this part of their lives, to celebrate the friendships and just have a heap of fun.

The Time of Our Lives sessions has been born to fill that hole, a friendship photoshoot doing something fun and creating lasting memories of an otherwise average year.

Sessions are fully based around what the kids want to do and how they want to remember their friends.

For grade 6’s it could be on their bikes, at the beach or even in the park with coloured powder.

For the grade 12’s it could be a more sophisticated and beautiful portraits… or just kicking back having a great time together. 

The whole idea is just a fun photo shoot for the kids to have a heap of fun and celebrate their besties.

In regards to the whole COVID thing, at present I’ll be booking sessions in for November / December. If for some reason we fall off the roadmap into a ditch we will reschedule for when we can.


What do the kids get?

A simple session fee covers the cost of the session and includes the planning and ideas session and a download of the edited selection of high resolution images.

In addition to this there is a selection of standard prints, wood prints, canvas prints and  free standing folios starting at $25.

Special print and product packages ranges from $95 – $195.

Keen for all the info?

There will be LIMITED SESSIONS available as this will also be peak family portrait season for me. Please enter your details in the form below and i’ll email over all the pricing info and a quick FAQ.