Toot Toot Toys – 12 Days of Bayside Christmas

Today’s featured business is Toottoot Toys which is owned by Carly Kohler and run by her with the help of her brilliant team of toy mad girls. I met Carly when we her family booked in for a portrait session that was postponed a few times due to bushfires and the pandemic! We got the shots done almost 11 months after we planned the initial session! 2020… what can you say! 

And now I’m pretty obsessed with the shop, lets just say there has been a bit of Lego come my way from their shelves!

I asked Carly some questions about the store and what she loves about it…

Toot Toot was established 14 years ago. We took over in September last year and transformed the store to be much more open and inviting.

We have a beautiful range of educational and wooden toys, books, eco home products and new baby gifts, all hand picked by a mum passionate about quality products for kids.

I love our range for the its quality and uniquenss – you won’t find a lot of our products in many stores. The smiles on children’s faces as they walk in the door or find a special toy light up my day and make all the work worthwhile!

In our shop, I love this time of year as we are able to share in children’s excitement of Christmas and do our little bit to help Santa make Christmas special!

Location: 637 Centre Road, Bentleigh East