The top three kids books to make you snort

I’ve become a little obsessed with kids story books. As a Dad I love reading books to my kids… but these ones here aren’t the best ones for settling down the little ones before a good nights sleep! 

I know that a sense of humour is really important for kids to learn and while they are growing up their influences change. So having books that have a good solid imaginative way of being fun is always a win for me. 

I’ve put together my three favourite children’s books that make me, and my kids laugh… the last one probable says more about me than the others! 

The Book With No Pictures - B.J. Novak

When Saffron was younger, this was the book she ran off and grabbed when ever she was being baby sat, or even if friends came over. She LOVED making people read it out to her, she took it to kinder, to school and even on holidays. Have a watch below to see why this book is so fun. (and yes, B.J. Novak was on The Office)

No One Likes A Fart - Zoë Foster Blake

The title is totally misleading, well, kind of. I think everyone likes a fart joke but not essential the fart itself. This one is on Fox’s high rotation. It’s so well illustrated and the story is actually pretty sweet. It produces so much giggles from both of us when it’s read. Keep and eye out for the sequel “Fart and Burp are Superstinkers”

I Want My Hat Back - Jon Klassen

I don’t know how I missed Jon Klassen’s work for so long. This book is a fairly new addition to our huge library and it’s one of my faves. I think Fox enjoys the illustrations where as I just love the dry and bit wrong humour in this, and indeed all of this series. 
When I picked this one up in the bookstore I laughed out loud when I read it through. I tried to put it back but again, it’s the kind of humour I want my kids to appreciate so I HAD TO HAVE IT.

Had you heard of these books before? Do you love books that make your kids laugh? Let me know your favourite as I’m always looking to add to my collection… I mean my kid’s collection!