Top UP Sessions

Is it time for a quick update?

Top Up sessions are a flat-rate package to fit in the family budget for a quick update and are available to any family who has previously been photographed by Photobat.

Think of it as a Top Up between the bigger all-in-portrait sessions.. or just to get the Grandparents that quick present!

Top Up Session $295

  • A 20-minute portrait session on location.
  • Immediate family only
  • A quick selection zoom call
  • 5 high resolution digital downloads
  • 10% off any additional artwork purchases

These photoshoots are available at limited times and are capped at 20 minutes only. 

If you are late, this will take up your photoshoot time. These sessions are pre-paid and non-refundable.

Due to the quick nature of these sessionsI’m sorry to say that we are unable to cater these sessions for babies under 9 months (If sitting, that’s ok), extended families (Sorry Grandma), additional time (Gotta keep it tight).

Please book a “Full Session” with digital packages from $590 if you would like any of these premium inclusions or more session flexibility, as a return client, you still get a 10% discount on all purchases.

Location Options

Cheltenham Park

A versatile location with options of bush trails, grassland, big trees and even a playground. 

Ricketts Point

A great beach and coastal setting, depending on the light, we could end. up on the beach or in the trees surrounding or even on under rock cliffs.

Check Avaliablity And Book In Below

Note, in case of adverse weather, we will reschedule to the next available date.