Top-Up Sessions

ATTENTION all the Photobat Families who have been in front of my camera before!

Hey friend!

Has it been a while since I last photographed your beautiful family?
But not that long that you need a full family portrait session?

Well, maybe you need a little top up!

A Top-Up session is a session that goes for about 20 or so minutes with the aim of just “topping up” those little changes that happen in a family over the years.

You can see how much your little one has grown, how your teenager has developed their unique style, or how that new puppy fits in.

Even if it is a bit of a quickie session, it will still be the same fun with that relaxed and enjoyable feel, just like last time.

What does an Top-Up Session Involve?​

Quick Planning Call

This call is just about catching up, seeing what's new and what we can do to fill in that family portrait gaps.

The Portrait Session

Your portrait session is about 20 - 25 minutes at a central location and include a minimum of 2 fart jokes.

Personalised Viewing and Design Session

Just like before, we will jump onto Zoom and I'll guide you through them and give you some ideas on how to best to turn them into artwork that suits your home.


Each Top-Up Session includes your favourite 3 digital files of your favourite photo and also $100 towards your own custom wall art.

Natural Smile Level Up 200%

With your artwork up on your walls, and a fun session in your memory banks it's guaranteed to have you 200% more smiley.

Ready to book your Top UP? 
Just find a time below and we are all set.