Urban Sandringham Family Portrait

I’m not exaggerating when 90 percent of families in Bayside are looking for family portraits at the beach. And why not! We have amazing beaches and they are really beautiful to photograph and have some fun with.

But not all families are beachy, like the Mills family. Luckily Bayside has some really fantastic urban locations for a totally different style of session, we can even do the urban and beach in the same session. We didn’t do that with these guys, we just hung about Sandringham and it’s brilliant little pockets of urbanises speckled with a smattering of fantastic street art and a random shopping trolly.

The banter at this session was net level, the surreal conversation and ideas of the girls were really fun to bounce off. So much fun to come up with bizarre and funny things to say and have them thrown back in my face twisted around and even funnier. It was the best!