Vale – Christopher Strong

I just found out a great man died. I’m very sad I don’t have a photo to post. Christopher Strong was my old headmaster at Grammar. I always liked him at school, but once I had moved back to Launceston and was a little wiser, I realised he was a really very kind and thoughtful man. Always said hello, was always interested in what was happening in my world and always full of encouragement. Plus I admired him for his dedication and passion for so many things, including the environment and humanitarian causes.

I have managed to take a family portrait of his son’s family. From that session I discovered that, as expected, he was a very much loved grandfather. I wish he could have been around longer to share his wisdom with them as they grew up.

The world moves too fast, I regret not getting out and visiting as we always talked about, and taking the portrait I always wanted to take.

I still remember being in grade 8, and after an assembly, i rushed after him, with my little camera and asked if i could take his photo. His equally amazing wife Sally told me many years after that he was touched that I wanted to take his photo. I’m going to go search for that photo later. I am really sorry I did not let the chance pass to take one more recently.

The Funeral is on August 15th, 2pm at St Johns in Launceston.

Ps, if you can, give your grandparents a call.