Veronica and Rob Veronica and I were at the sam…

Veronica and Rob

Veronica and I were at the same high school together and it was great to get the call to come and shoot her wedding. I always like meeting people from the past and finding out what they are up to and meeting the person they are madly in love with. Rob and Veronica are great together and that all came out on the wedding day. The girls got ready in town, (very early, I’ve never stated at wedding at 7am before!) And then I was off to the guys where they had assembled at James, the best mans house just out of Hagley.

The ceremony itself was in a cute church out in the country past Cressy, this church was so small that there were more guest sitting outside than inside, luckily the sun was out and the chill of a Tasmanian autumn had not really hit yet.

The guys had a bit of fun with Rob’s shows to with the old classic “Help me” written on the sole of his shoes!

From there we all headed to Clarendon, via Veronica’s Little Grannies house for a drink and some photos. Clarendon is really a great spot for a wedding, nice gardens and a fantastic area for a sit down meal.