V’s new camera and missing appendics

It was Vikashni’s birthday last weekend and I got her a shiny new D80 so she can take even more photos. We had a good day with breakfast at Lucks, then a picnic up Ben Lomond followed by an afternoon staying at Two Four Two.


Then the next day the real fun started with her appendics deciding it was time to get inflamed, and after a misdiagnosis in the emergemcy ward (after 5 hours of being there) and then a visit to our doctor the next morning who looked at the same test results as the night before, she sent us straight back to the hospital to get it out…. a good 10 hours sitting in the Plaster Room in the hospital and then the operation happened.
She’s a bit sore but on the mend, it’s not fun seing the one you love in sudden and unexpected pain and hospitals 🙁

So, i’ve been out of the office most of the week so things are getting behind, but i will make all the Christmas deadlines.