Wall art inspiration

When I go to the hair dressers, the girls with their great service fuss over me and then go off and hunt for the “manly” magazines, like Top Gear or Awesome Car Monthly (may have made that up). Problem is I’m not a car or any other manly magazine reader… I’m more into the fashion and interior design ones. Our house, un until a couple of months ago, was littered with a couple of years worth of Real Living, Vouge Living, Inside Out, House and Garden amongst the obscure import mag about Swedish holiday huts or something. We did a big clean up, the magazines were taking over.

I could have thrown them out or delivered them old persons home, but I was attached to all the ideas that were inside the covers easily. I had to go through each and every one of them and find the bits I like and rip them out, all the design ideas, images layouts and wall displays, while Vikashni pulled out all the recipes.

I thought I’d start to share some of the inspiration ideas that I found, ways you can display your artwork. As I mention in planning session, it’s all very well to get some great images, but where are you going to put them once you have them? It really is all about complimenting and balancing your existing furniture and spaces with the something that suits in size, shape and finish.

I’m still waiting to see what happens to all the recipes that Vikashni ripped out; well we shall see what comes of them… and probably post about them too!

This series is great fantastic. Two verticles and a horizontal with the black frames with the white matts above the sideboard balance it perfectly.

I’ve also noticed a trent towards large framed prints used though out houses and just leaned against walls. This is a great idea for those older homes that may have dodgy old plaster that will not support large frames.

This tryptych is also pretty great, it makes use of a tall thin space that can be quite tricky to decorate.

Above the bed is one of the most popular places we see for a wall art, and it need to be either a set or one larger image. The one above is perfect, the frame ties in with the colour theme of the room and it balances above the bed perfectly. The white frame on white wall looks amazing.

Apologies, in the rip-a-thon some of the magazines these images are from were mixed up and we will attribute them if we know where they are from. If you know where they are from please let us know and we can credit the mags.Sources: Inside Out + 3 missing.