Warren and Louisa

It was time for another one of my high school classmates to get married last weekend, and as it turns out I was the photographer! Louisa was in my grade 7 class, which means i’ve known her for about 15 years; and now I was shooting her getting married to Warren.

It all started out at Bui Hair, with the bride and her 3 bridesmaids all getting their hair curled, pulled and placed so it all looked fantastic. The make up artist also came up and did a great job.


I then had a scenic drive up to Rosevears Tavern on the West Tamar to meet the guys for a little bit of a photo shoot and to also hear many stories that seem unbelievable over a couple of beers. By the time I left i had a nickname for all the groomsmen for the rest of the day. I also got to hand out with Warren and Louisa’s black Labrador Jet, who is quite photogenic.


Then it was back into town to grab some shots of the girls getting ready, it was such a relaxing time. Louisa wasn’t showing any nerves at all. She looked fantastic in her dress from Timeless Elegance as did all the bridesmaids.

I moved some shoes out of the hall to take the above shot and also moved some black fluff…. once i put the black fluff down it started to run away… it wasn’t fluff but a scary looking black spider which i had just picked up in my fingers and moved out of the shot… I really don’t like spiders.

After the photos it was back in the car and back up the river to Tranquility Gardens for the ceremony. Matthew Carswell did a great job of preforming and injecting a bit of humor the ceremony, he is just finishing his celebrant training so look out for him at weddings in the future.

After all the kissing, hugs and paper work was out of the way we headed back into town to the fateful place where Warren and Louisa first met, The Royal Oak Hotel. From there we took some shots of the guy in the pub, the girls out in a laneway and then some group shots in a carpark.

Then it was back up the West Tamar to the Riverside Golf Club and a reception crammed with so much seafood it looked like Good Friday! We wrapped up with a couple more shots of Louisa and Warren out the front of the club; getting some great reflections of the sunset in the large windows. It was a nice way to finish photographing their day!