Wayne and Heidi

Wayne and Heidi had a fantastic little wedding out in the country. At Strathmore to be precise, I had not shot a wedding out there for a couple of years and was very glad to see it is all looking very nice and provided a lot of opportunities.




The wedding was quite informal, Bar Youd did her usually fantastic job, Wayne said his things, Heidi said here things, there were tears and in the end they were married! We could tell from the first time we met up with Wayne and Heidi that this wedding was going to be fun. Not too serious and a lot of laughing. I like happy people, and if you mix their natural happy with the happy of their wedding you get quite a lot of happy.



 Heidi is pretty talented too, she designed her dress (her mother made it) and made the cake. Wayne assures me he assisted well in the cake making, mostly with the grating!




 Thanks again you guys for the really fun day, there are so many more shots that you are going to love, well I know we love them here, so I’m sure you will love them too! Don’t shoot too much film in NZ!