We have a winner

Congratulations to Shannon and Dave for winning our valentines day competition. they recieved the most votes for the following story:

“My Dave does not cook. He loves to eat but I think, like many males, he has a kitchen confidence issue! On the day in question, I arrived home exhausted, having spent the last few days in Hobart working on my honours project. I dragged myself through the door to be greeted by the smell of fresh basil pesto and the site of my Dave (who does not cook), in the kitchen with what appeared to be ingredients for a meal. I was given a light hearted scolding for getting home before the surprise dinner was ready! Because now, I was privy to the preparation…he took two chicken breasts and dressed them neatly with baby spinach leaves. This followed with a generous topping of pesto and several thin strips of red capsicum neatly laid across the pesto topped chicken. The final ingredient was a thin strip of prosciutto, which he tenderly wrapped around the chicken to secure the other ingredients. After a half hour bake in the oven, the surprise pesto chicken was ready! And while Dave ended up needing some help making sure the chicken was properly cooked, and still, to this day, says “pruscetta” (like bruschetta) instead of prosciutto, I will never forget the enormous effort he put in. Feeding a weary student is praise enough, but to get such a gourmet feast from a self proclaimed anti-cook, well…it must be love!”

Stay tuned to see their photos later this month.

A big thank you to everyone who voted and even bigger thanks to all of our couples for entering. Also to Cafe Rossilli on George Street for supplying the edible part of the prize.

And… I’m also going to give away a runners up prize to Kim And Eliza for coming in second and also being my favoirite story.

So, did you enjoy the competition???