Wedding photography | Proof Books

Back in the olden days (like the mid 2000’s) it was expected to receive proofs of wedding photos. Be that a box of small prints, proof sheets or a book of some sort. I’ve noticed that over the years that the amount of photographers who offer these proof books has declined. Which is a pity. It’s all well and good having a disk of images to flick through but actully having them all printed in a book is always handy.
Proof books contain all your images, your wedding album is a condensed story, the proof book is everything.

Many clients I’ve caught up on will have the proof book out on the coffee table for everyone anytime they want. It really is a great way to share, and enjoy your images. Not saying albums aren’t, albums have a lot more detail and are edited and designed to capture the dull day, just like a director edits their movies from the raw footage.

A proof book is included with every wedding coverage and collection and additional proof books can be ordered for family too.