Weekend, previews and randoms – 31/1 – 1/2

I thought that one post for the weekend would be fun, i’ll see if I can keep doing these most weekends, it may just be a lot of photos of my wife and the cats. We shall see.

So, 2 portraits this weekend. Doing a little bit of exploring with Jason and Catherine and we discovered this apple tree about 50 meters from the office. It is growing in concrete and lives happily there in between a few building.  Jason and Catherine are getting married in a few months, so we had fun not melting on their engagement shoot.

Sunday was another drive day, the Allen family photoshoot all the way down at The Gardens on  the East Coast.

 The reason for the shoot was Verne’s Birthday, so all the family came together for a party and photo shoot. There will be more photos soon, I just had to post this one of Verne and Nellie, it is such a sweet photo.

 On the way back we had to stop in at the Village Store and More in St Helens for a late breakfast. Vikashni and I ordered different dished from last week and were very happy with the results again. I can not recommend this place more, I just wish it was a little closer.

Last week I mentioned the singing chef, well this time I took his photo. Nick and Marika own and run the place. I purposely didn’t take a photo of Marika so that we have to go back again.

On the way home we were accosted by some duck/geese/winged birds in Avoca. These guys were not afraid about being polite and asking for food, it was more of a demand.