What’s been going on!

Busy! I’ve had quite a few shoots over the last 10 days, starting with 3 shoots in Hobart

on the one day Sunday week ago! Plus there have been a few from last week and I shot another 3 on the weekend. I’ve been shooting babies, pregnant bellies, kids, rocks, families, a miniature dachshund, some individual portraits and a primary school!

The primary school has taken up a bit of time, the idea is to document the kids for a banner that is going to be places in the school yard and some photos to be hung in a permanent exhibition around the school. Basically, I’ve been walking around the school, popping into classrooms, hanging around the playground at recess and then some more class rooms. Ans no I’m not a stalker! It’s been great to work with the students and staff. It’s the first time I’ve been in a primary school in a long time, and I’ve enjoyed watching all the kids interactions, it all brings back memories of when I was at primary school.

I’m also really looking forward to next week, the AIPP are holding their Southern Exposure conference at Cradle Mountain, about 100 people are heading there, which istehe most people ever! The presentations should be inspiration and educational, but as usual, you tend to learn the most over dinner and a drink talking with the other attendees. I’m also hoping to get out and do some shooting around the mountain, nothing tooextreeme!

Stay tuned, a lot of posts coming up with heaps of shots. I reckon I can almost fill up a new gallery with the new shots!

But for now… some teaser shots!