What’s going on? The Update

I’ve officially stopped work for a few weeks, Saturday is the day I get married to Vikashni! I’m excited, she has been mentioning her dress a bit and i’m really excited to see what it looks like, plus the whole getting married thing!

I have a few blog posts saved up for posting while we are off on our honeymoon. Plus there may be some posts from the trip. And you never know, there may be some wedding snaps uploaded too.

 I won’t really be checking emails or answering the phone. I haven’t had a descent holiday for a while and really looking forward to this one, especially as it will be with Vikashni and have lots of special momens in it for both of us.


Alright, enough of this, i’m off to pick up my soon to be wife (see below)!

I’m excited!!! She is going to look so beautiful!