Where we drink | Hubert and Dan | Longford Tasmania

Danielle (the Dan in the name) has been a friend/client for years. Every little business venture she has been involved in over the last few years has been amazing, especially her Miaw Miaw biscuits. I was totally excited to see whe was taking over the Artisan Cafe in Longford (which sadly i didn’t get a chance to visit even thought it was being run by the fantastic Caroline Dowling) So thoughts? Well it’s certainly rustic, has all the charm of the country and the food and cakes that you want ot find in the city but often don’t. I can see me spending time out her just enjoying the vibe and even using it as a remote office. Plus it’s in a heritage building that was first used as a dispensary back in the late 1800’s and has some relics still on display.

If you are looking for somewhere new for breakfast, lunch, dinner on Thursdays or just coffee, tea or cake you know where to head when you want somthing different and good.