Why do I do Wedding? At the end of the wedding …

Why do I do Wedding?

At the end of the wedding season in May, we have the professional photography awards. These awards normally inspire me to want to take more photos, especially wedding photos. But i can’t as the season is over and i have to wait about 5 months before it restarts. This is a bit frustrating, but it keeps me motivated to book weddings and then get excited about them in their lead up.

I’ve done 2 weddings so far this season, a small one for a couple from Canberra and a friends cousin from the Goldcoast. Both have been good in their own ways.

Yesterdays was Hayley and Caleb from the Goldcoast. Some things went wrong, like it was a 30 degree day, i don’t like that kind of weather when i have to wear a suit, or what is close enough to be a suit. I had some issues with my portable hard drive but managed survive. Some good shots and some shots that have a lot of potential. I’m looking forward to getting them onto the computer so i can play with them.

So yesterday was hard, but when i think about it, i was taking photos, i enjoyed taking the photos and it didn’t feel like i was working. I guess I’m at that stage where I’m happy as what people think is my work is just something i really like doing, so I’m not really working at all.

So stay tuned for some cool photos.