Why? Hopefully Easter will be over soon… I’m n…


Hopefully Easter will be over soon… I’m not enjoying it one bit.

My back has been sort of fixed with the help of a chiropractor who has also taken all the money set aside for my exhibition opening.

I can get money back from MBF, only about $60, but better than nothing. There is only one branch of MBF in Melbourne, and when I found it they couldn’t process my refund as Tasmania is on a different computer system and she had to send it off to Sydney to process and it will take a week. I then reminded her that it will take nearly 2 weeks due to Easter. So I won’t get that money till next week, after the opening.

I had to go to Hobart to do a wedding, so I got out to the airport in good time, checked in, got some food and then bought a magazine to read. I also managed to leave my wallet at the newsagent, so when I got to Tasmania I had nothing with me. I needed ID to get back on the plane to return to Melbourne. That all worked out with the newsagency taking it to the Jetstar terminal and they held on to it and put a note in my reservation saying I didn’t have to show any to check in.

I did have some nice moments where I was glad that my friends are real friends and helped me when I was back in Tasmania, Robbie and Choi for putting me up and giving me lifts to and from the airport, Ness for helping me carry my camera bag for the start of the wedding in Hobart. Also Nick for helping me for the rest of the wedding. Plus the great bridal party. It was a great wedding and I’m looking forward to getting images to you all.

Back in Melbourne and I was hoping for some good things to start happening. I’ve had the most exposure of any exhibition at the gallery I’m in and also the lowest number of people attending due to Easter.

I also found out that I had full backstage access to the Comedy Festival Gala to do a photo documentary on, which I had been working on getting access for a month and left about 5 messages and emails for people on the couple of days leading up to it. It’s good to know that I had access, would have been great to know before it happened and not 5 days after it finished.

Last night I discovered that Fleet.y who is opening my exhibition also has a show on at the same time as the opening. Meaning that his management who organized it for me didn’t check his schedule before saying he could do it (and the 2 more times I rang to confirm), as this show times would have been planned since December. So I will now have to get a projector to show a video that he is making, find a sound system to play the audio, an MC for the opening which I wasn’t going to need and also figure out how I will be able to play it in the gallery as there are no walls free.

And if you put into the mix my Aunt Nolleen passing away after a long and hard fight with cancer, you can get where I am. I really liked my Aunt, I have absolutely no bad memories of her at all. Just wish I got to know her a bit better. The whole family are coming over from Tasmania to go to the funeral on Wednesday. It will be good to see them all, just wish it was better circumstances.

Anyway, back to the world… hope it’s nice to me today. (and check ou the portrait of the week, it’s a rare good thing in a week of badness)