Why should you get a Wedding Album?

It’s always great to get a wedding album back from our awesome album makers and I realised it’s been a while since i’ve posted photos of an actual album.

Lauren and Dain’s album is a vertical 10×14 inch album with a black leather colour. I had a hard time letting this one go out of the studio but it had to go to it’s new home. Many hours go into putting together the design, my style of albums are quite clean and simple but that probably takes the most time to design. So after many hours of designing, working the image and finalising the layout it’s always a little hard to let go. I’m sure I’ll meet this album again one day in the future or maybe I’ll go and get myself a copy.

So why get a wedding album? Lets just say that in 100 years your family will still be able to view the album as it’s all archival. You may be able to view your digital files as long as you can still access them, think back to the days of floppy disk, most people can’t get access to the data on them anymore. As time moves on so does technology, who knows in 100 years if jpeg will be viewable? It’s also the best way to display your wedding story, cleanly and easily showing all the highlights of the day and also how good you look.

I personally am kind of sad that my parents don’t really have a wedding album that shows their day, sure there are a couple of photos about of my dad is his brown pinstripe suit in all it’s 70’s goodness. Plus all my grandparents looking all dressed up well. But I would have loved to see all the other bits of the day, the little handmade details at the reception, the cars and most importantly the emotions of the day. I’m sure Saffron, my baby girl,  would also have loved to see all this. I’m glad that the clients that have albums will be able to share them with their kids and grandkids letting them in on all the stories that the images prompt.