Work Contrasts It’s s busy time. It’s getting t…

Work Contrasts

It’s s busy time. It’s getting to the pointy end of the year and once the year finishes, my real work starts. I have 9 weddings booked for the first 3 months of 2005 plus the Falls Festival, Hobart Comedy Festival and my little exhibition. As soon as all that dies down I’m going to be off in Melbourne doing the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

I did a shoot for Channel 10 the other day. It was a promo shoot for Rove, images for use in magazine and general publicity for 2005. It was good to have some real time to take some photos, it also made me realise how fast I work now. The shoot had a length of 2 hours, which I thought was good, but I realised about an hour in that 2 hours is a long time. We got a bit relaxed and it was a good shoot, it just makes me realise that the quick shoots I have been doing are as good as this long one. I guess that’s another thing that comes from weddings and kid photography.

To compare to the nice shoot in Melbourne, I came home and did the Uni Education Ball, it’s kinda like putting 180 fairly drunk people in front of a camera and hoping they don’t knock things over. It didn’t go too badly, I guess I was just tired and the fact that it also went for longer than it was supposed to, meaning more people had had more to drink. There is probably a point in the night where the colour images should turn into black and white, just so people don’t look as if they have had a bottle of wine or 6 beers in quick succession.