Wrapping up Saffron 365- A full year of photos of my little girl

It was this day a year ago I decided to start a photo a day of Saffron. I already had some shots from the first couple of days and so though to myself¬† “I can do this, how hard can it be?” Well, there were times it was painful, annoying, I forgot and had to sneak into her bedroom at night to shoot but how do I feel about it now it’s all finished?

I want to do it again. To have one whole year of my little girl documented is so special. I admit when I finished the slideshow below there was a little tear in my eye. I hope she appreciates it in years to come, just to look back and see her smile as she runs along a beach, the food she ate, the toys she played with, the places she went, the tantrums, the toilet training, the splashes, when she was sick, when she jumped and all those crazy expressions. This was a great project and one I have learnt alot from, I’m working on a longer post with some tips on doing your own project, what I found worked well and what I had trouble with.
But for now, let’s just celebrate a little girl’s big year. Here are a few favourites, and at the bottom is a video of all 365 images.

All the images can also be seen over at http://365saffron.tumblr.com with all the captions.

Of course there is a new project on the go, not as crazy as I have many other projects on the list for this year but Saffron will return here as Saffron Fridays, a photo/blog post a week for all of 2014.

Thank you to everyone who likes, shared and commented on the photos over the year. Have a great new year and if you can cherish those moments with your little ones (or the big ones for that matter)