Yes, i’m alive, and so is the blog

Sorry about that, I kinda disappeared for a week or two there. I’m happy to say I’m alive, refreshed and ready to take a heap of photos this year. I will be digging into my emails and messages in the next couple of days, expect a call.

Over the last couple of weeks I did a few shoots, and also the weeks before Christmas were crazy, so the batblog is a feeling bit neglected.


Never to fear, it will be going completely nuts in the next couple of weeks to get updated. There may be a little less writing, that way I don’t have to think too much and the photos can get our of the hard drives and see the light of day.


Some photos of the animals from the break.


I got a cool, heavy based frypan for Christmas. It was sitting on the bench about to be washed and seasoned for the first time when I left the room for a second. When I returned, Kooshan was sitting in it. This is a photo of Kooshan a minute later sitting in his Laundry… or as we like to call it, his cell. He spends a lot of time there.



Kaba got a bone thing, and wasn’t sure what to do with it. He decided it was precious and spent a lot of time protecting it and not eating it.




This is an older one of Mouse I hadn’t posted yet. He is helping Vikashni with her sewing.



And this is my pretty wife.


So, what does this year hold for Photobat? Well, soon we will see what is behind door 36… Plus a bucket load of weddings this month, quite a few portraits and as usual, a heap of stuff that we have no idea about yet.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year, and look forward to talking, seeing or emailing you soon!