Photobat goes YouTube!

A few days ago I posted some shots I took of Blunty3000 who is a video blogger getting some recognition on YouTube… and this afternoon he dropped by my office and made a video.


There are 2 versions of the video, a long one which goes for about 15 minutes and a condensed version that is about 4 minutes long.

It’s a bit quiet, so if you have head phones, plus them in and you will hear it a bit better.

Below is the long version, which has a bit of information about my background, what kinds of things i shoot and even what is in my camera bag

You can tell the video shooting was quite unplanned as you can see the a box full of recently arrived wedding albums is still sitting on the couch!


It’s amazing that this is Blunty’s 300th and 301st videos he has posted on YouTube! It’s great to see someone getting a following on these massive sites! check his site out here and stay tuned for the extended video.Thanks again Blunty for letting me take his shots, and may the next 300 videos be really great!

Short Version below