Zoe | Celebration of Life

Zoe is awesome. Jump in the swing thing and bounce about in a alleyway in central Melbourne? No worries!
Well, after what she has been through I reckon she is up for anything. I first met her parents Daniel and Olivia when they were in their cousins bridal party, Olivia was pregnant and I did some really fun pregnancy shots for them. Lucy was born and I did some equally cute new born shots of her. Unfortunately life got got heart breaking tough a couple of years later. Lucy was diagnosed with leukodystrophy and unfortunately lost her battle mid last year. And the real kick in the teeth came when Zoe was also diagnosed. Luckily for Zoe she had time and some treatment options that will help prolong her life, and a bone marrow donor was found. It’s a massive procedure to have at any time in your life but being less than a year old… lets just say this shoot is a celebration of life. Zoe has made it through some very hairy procedures and complications. When I caught up with them for this shoot the first thing Zoe did when she woke up was give the biggest heart warming smile.
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