Zonked and still in Aus with 1 hour left Airport….

Zonked and still in Aus with 1 hour left

Airport… lots of fun… nice people with “probes” to see if i’m carrying any explosives. Nice lady, very thurough.

Poor Tom, see previous post, he gave me alift to the airport this morning, having to get up at 4.30am. And he headed straight to Cradle where i’m sure he is going to get snowwed in. I thank him muchly and hope he gets some awesome photos.

Met up with Josh and Justin Heazlewood this morning, very good, also Pina and Kelly, filled in my time quite nicely. I have also taken some pics on the new little camera, we will see how they come out.

So, i’m getting prepared for the first leg to singapore, it’s goign to be a “very empty flight” but the final leg to london is going to be “full”. So sleep on the menu for the first leg then some work on the second leg.

I have water, I have book (The Untouchable by John Banville… better be good or Clive at Fullers is goign to get an abusive email). I have Ipod fully charged, laptop fully charged and some other bits and pieces to keep me occupied. Just had a nice juice and salad for lunch.

Time on this expensive internet thingy is running low, so no time to spell check… sorry.