Live Adrian

Adrian (old photos…)

A friend of mine needs a little bit of a hand, and i’m hoping all you Melbournites are willing to get behind a good guy in some hard times.

Adrian was one of the first co,medians who let me photograph him for my third year uni folio; i’ll have to dig that one out, and he also rang around and had asked other comedians to pose for me.

Aidzee has done heaps for me…including inspiring me to take heaps of photos, introducing me to people, letting me spend many many many nights in the spare room and most of all for being so generous with his time, energy and knowledge. Plus he is married to the fantastic Benne, what more could you ask for?

So, here is the deal, Adrian need some help and his friends are answering the call. Read on below

Live Adrian

Adrian Calear. You may not know his name, but you’d know his friends and they’re standing up to help him out.

Live Adrian is some of Australia’s best known and best loved comedians giving a mate a hand. Live Adrian sees Rove McManus, Adam Hills, Tripod, Peter Helliar, Alan Brough, Charlie Pickering, Dave Callan and Michael Chamberlin (to mention just a few) come together on the same bill for the first time since none of them were famous.

Please, join the A-List of Aussie comedy at Live Adrian, to help Feed His World.
*Bob Geldof was not harmed in the making of this benefit gig.

Date: THIS Sunday 17 February
Time: Doors 7pm
Venue: The Hi Fi Bar, Swanston Street Melbourne
Ticket Price: All tix $33
Bookings: here or 03 9654 7617

Go on! get booking.