Another day… Well, woke again at 5.30 am, could…

Another day…

Well, woke again at 5.30 am, couldnt get back to sleep, so finished reading Clound Atlas, passed it off to Natalie, it’s a great book and stands up next to all the classics i’ve been reading this year.

11am i had a meeting in at Avalon, they liked my stuff, so there may be some work happaning there, they like that i’m in aus, so if they need anything down there i can do it. My style of shooting outdoors appealed to them, everything is so studio over here.

Then off to catch Annthea, a uni friend. Covent Garden… dangerous for shopping. I spent a little, new jeans, new sandals, a present for my brothers birthday, i’m sure he will go nutty over it, and a book by Banksy which Annthea also bought. I nearly bought this book back home but it’s cheaper over here.

Just hanging out with Annthea was great, exploring, we had a great cheap lunch in an underground veg resturant, then found some great little hidden places, had a pint in a bar, icecream, and even a bananna smoothie (how i missed them… DAM YOU CYCLONES). I want more days like that, spending over half an hour is a jeans shop finding the right pair (I got the Brando, Annthea got the Giselle)

Following Annthea, i met up with comedian Sarah Kendall,not only one of my favourite comedians, but a lovely person. we shot our way thgough a park, ended up on the thames and in a pub for a couple of pints. I’m just loving hanging out with people.

And as of 12pm, 7 tea vs 2 1/2 coffee (1 instant so it’s only a half)

Annthea and I having a pint after lunch, to break up the shopping.

The delightful Sarah Kendall and I on the Thames.

I spent all this morning on msn with V. was nice to talk with her.