Mystery Film Processing

I’ve had a roll of film sitting on the shelf for ages, and finally decided to get it processed. I couldn’t remember where it was taken, or why. It’s just been hanging about for a while. On a slight hunch, I did a little bit more digging through the cupboard and found another 3 rolls of film, one already rolled back into the canister, so I assumed it had been used, a roll of film I used in my Holga (plastic toy camera) and another unexposed roll of 35mm film. 

I thought I may as well use the roll of film that hadn’t been shot and get them all processed at the same time, so it was time to dig out the old cameras. And when I did find them, one of the cameras had half a roll of film left in it! Again no idea when It was photographed or what. So I finished the roll and got them all processed… There are photo highlights below BUT check out this video for the full story and me looking through the photos for the first time and discovering the gems that they held. I was really surprised and happy!

SPOILER ALERT Below are some of the shots but watch the video first…

Above early 2011, Saffron being breastfed and below, taken on the same roll of film, Saffron as a 9 year old! How cool is that!

Plus her little brother Fox also appears on the same roll of film.

And now some of the Holga shots, photographed about 10 years ago, in Holyman House. Where the old Photobat studio was.

And some more from 10 years ago, taken on the Olympus Trip camera

And the last roll, one that was taken in the last week because I had a roll of film and thought I should use it!