Saffron – Now Avaliable in Chocolate

It’s not ofter you get an email saying “some girls in town have been experimenting with Saffron”. We have no idea of these experiments, and were glad to find out they were experimenting on chocolate and not our daughter. It took us by surprise to find out that Theresa and the Cocobean girls had been working on a new chocolate inspired by the arrival of Saffron! We dropped in today and had a try and were in love with them, still can’t believe it. Such a special thing to do. I’m not sure when they will be avaliable in store, should be soon. Thank you again to Cocobean for just being all round amazing. Visit Cocobean’s website here, or skip that and just go like them on facebook.

And on the home front, things are going well. A brief glimpse of Saffron below, don’t worry there will be more… so many more!