So how do i see my photos? | Photobat update

I don’t know if you noticed, but thing kinda changed at Photobat in the last 8 months. I have had to learn new ways of doing what I’ve done for years, share and help great people have great family and wedding photography in their homes. Having Holyman House as the Photobat HQ was awesome, but I’m now without a gallery, one of the best things I had to show ideas and inspire people how they could display their personalised artwork in their homes.

So, how am I doing it now?

Melbourne is great, I can go to peoples homes and share their images in their own surrounds and also work with them to find the best images, style of finish and size that will suit their home. I’m not all about selling the biggest print or canvas, I’ll only recommend that if it really really works. I’ll also recommend a smaller print if it works too.
As for all the great Tasmanians I’m still shooting, it really is a work in progress, I’ve been lucky to do some in home viewing in Launceston but most of the time I’m using a mix of online slideshows and screen sharing on skype to show the photos and also using my new pricing guide and pintrest  to do some of the inspiring.
As I said, still a work in progress, things change and I’m getting some good feedback so far but I’ll keep working to perfect it and thank everyone so far for your help. Really, I have the best clients.

Anyway, I’m off to skype Luke and Jonette now and share photos of their awesome little  Hunter.